Way of Life

Ireland is not what it was back
in the 1940s, 50s and 60s


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Cavan Warpipers

Hungry Times

Getting 'Hitched'

Cows on the sidewalk

Country Doctor

Kildare bogland declining

Minding the pennies

Quare talk in Cavan

Rats and the threshing

Holidays 1940's style

Castlecomer connections

Drastic decline in Grouse numbers

The Heron and those bad luck stories

The vanishing Corncrake

A letter from Santa - Christmas 1940

The Piano Teacher

Cavan's iron-ribbed tentacles

The Humble Bike and the Sunday afternoon game

Mother Ireland - The price of progress!

Fair Day attractions in the 1940s

Railways in Monaghan - past and present

The Turf Cutters

The Travelling Thresherman

Cavan childrens games and rhymes of the 1940s

A lion's roar in Dungannon

Saving the hay

My Confirmation shoes

Memories of a Cavan Christmas

Transport in the forties

Lift the latch

The Street singer

Kilmainhamwood's Holy Well

The days when boys wore dresses

An Irish Wake

The Monaghan Hayfield (1950)

Railways of Meath

The disappearing Corncrake

The story of Benny and Maggie Tierney

The Ceilidhe House


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