Where your folk
came from

The name has been associated with Youghal, Co. Cork since the 1300s and in some cases synonymous with Garde.
A rare Welsh surname associated with Lurgan Co. Armagh. The synonym Pritchard is also found there and in other parts of Ulster.
An English surname that belonged to families that settled in Cos. Cork and Antrim in the late 16th century. The village of Upton in the former and Castle Upton in the latter are associated with them. Another family of this name came to Munster in Cromwellian times.
A variant of Yourell
Usher, Ussher
A Norman name that arrived in Ireland in the 14th century. Some members of the Hession family also adopted this name. James Ussher was Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh from 1625 until his death in 1656. Rev. Henry Ussher (d. 1790 aged 49) was Professor of Astronomy at Trinity College was the main instigator behind the construction of the Dunsink Observatory.