Where your folk
came from

A variant of Jago, a Cornish name similar to Jacob. Jago is found mainly in Co. Cork but also in Cos. Roscommon and Longford.
A Quaker family that settled in Co. Antrim in the late 17th century. Of uncertain origin and possibly an abbreviation of Yarrow.
Yeats, Yates
This literary and artistic family moved from Dublin to Co. Sligo at the end of the 1600s. The artist John Butler Yeats father of writer W. B. Yeats and painter Jack B. Yeats died in New York aged 83 in 1922. The name means dweller at the gate.
The name is still found in Co. Meath but was more numerous a century ago. It may be connected with Yarr.
In Ulster it is of English origin, in Connacht and parts of Leinster it is a form of the obsolete MacEngarky (son of the hound of Cearc)
Of English and Scottish origin and found mainly in Ulster. In some cases it may owes its origins to the epithet óg meaning young.
Associated with Co. Westmeath for centuries have originated in that part of Louth and Monaghan known as Oriel.