Irish History

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Cuchulainn's Stone
Gateway to Wexford's past
Roman Threat
The MacMurragh-Kavanagh
The bloody visit of Edward Bruce
Westmeath's most valiant and celebrated commander
The first Battle of Aughrim

The great fire of Kinsale
Death of the Great O'Neill


Castlecaulfield - a true Plantation village

Myles the Slasher
Cromwellian confiscations in Beara and Bantry
Broken Treaty of Limerick
The moveable sentry box that became the little ark
Remembering '98
The Aftermath
Carlow and its memories of 1798
Henry Hammond - the Blacksmith of Aclare, Co. Carlow
The Races of Castlebar
French fleet in Bantry Bay during 1796
Fr. Murphy in Carlow

Robert Emmet - patriot or a misguided youth?

Catholic Emancipation
Extreme poverty but a lively culture and thirst for education
When Tara met the great liberator
Fr. Thomas Molony pleaded for his starving flock
Famine in West Cork
In Black 1847, 734,000 men worked on the roads
A Pauper's graveyard
Kildare towns before the famine
The tragic eviction at Tonagh
A Landlord who was a real friend of the poor
Hardship in Cavan
Horrifying events in West Cork
Tales from the Workhouse
Entering the Land of the Free
The Workhouse in Celbridge
The Church in Famine times
The Moynagh Emigration
Clare Famine Workhouse
Life-saver houses
Bawnboy Workhouse
James Stephens
Pat Dolan's visit to Cavan
The battle of Dolly's Brae

How the word Boycott materialised
Parnell's visit to Ennis
Beginning of the end for Parnell
The O'Mahony in Navan
Impact of the major Landlords in Monaghan
The Leslies of Glaslough
Shirley Estate's lasting legacy
A Cavan eviction
Brutal Donegal eviction
Beara evictions
Richard Pigott
Later day Beara evictions

King Edward's visit to west Cork
First deaths of 1916 Rising
Inside the GPO
1916 Leaders executed
Lead up to Easter Rising in Tullamore
The Big Fella
John Doris saw the Tans at their worst
Come Out Ye Black and Tans
The Lost Years
Michael Collins was seven minutes late
That bloody '77'
End of tragic Civil War
Migration from the West during the 1940s
First member of Garda
Fighting for the King of Spain
Sitting on a World War 2 mine
Possible invasion by both warring sides
The Ballivor Spy
The Emergency (1939-1945) in Monaghan
Cavan's Emergency Years
Dead Eye Dick
Warplane Research Group
Dev and Churchill
Fort Berehaven
Cavan's emigration problem
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